Saturday, March 5th: Participate in our FREE Winter 2011 Skillshare!

28 Jan

Transition Madison Area is teaming up with The Crossing to offer a FREE day-long community skillshare on March, 5th, 2011, promoting community preparedness for the coming transition. Many other organizations are joining with us to offer their skills– The Madison Area Permaculture Guild, MadCity Chickens, Dane County TimeBank, Slow Money Wisconsin, HoopElation, and other friends.

Location: The Crossing, 1127 University Ave, Madison, WI 53715 from 9:00am-5:00pm

Our educational skillshare event seeks to connect those in the community who have skills to share with those wanting to learn them. We plan to offer around 20 workshops (approximately 90min each) taught by local instructors on a wide range of topics that help to build community resilience–food preservation, urban chicken keeping, compassionate communication, Dane County TimeBanking, Slow Money Wisconsin, meeting facilitation/consensus processes, beginning Spanish, and much more! Our goal is to have students to leave each “share” with the basics of a particular skill, but also with resources to go forth and learn more, next steps, and potentially a community to practice within.

We are opening this event to the public, as well as to university students, and requesting that participants register in advance. More specific details are also on the registration page. To register to participate on March 5th please visit our online registration page at:


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