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Sustainability on Parade, Sept. 24

29 Sep

We had 2 actions going for the Moving Planet day on September 24 and 25.

Sustainability on Parade happened on the West Side on the 24th.  We toured the LEED certified Sequoya Library and learned about its cool features.  The FORWARD! Marching Band led us in a rollicking parade from the library across Midvale Blvd. about 6 blocks to Orchard Dr.  There, we toured 7 homes or gardens of neighbors who are living sustainably.  We saw chickens, front yard veggies, rain gardens, bees, a Munchkin boiler (uber-efficient), a permaculture garden and orchard, and rain water harvesting of various sorts.

On Sunday, we got on our bicycles for the Permaculture Pedal.  We converged downtown for Ride the Drive, and then rode to St. Stephens Church in Monona, the Forest Products Lab, and the Russett Rd. neighborhood, where we visited permaculture gardens at a church, a business and in a residential setting.


our next TMA meeting

22 Sep

Our next meeting will be at 6:30 pm on Sunday, October 16 at the WilMar Center on Jenifer St.

TMA meeting notice

7 Sep

There is no Transition meeting this Sunday.
Our next meeting will be September 18 at Arboretum Cohousing.

TMA and Sustainatility on Parade, September 24

6 Sep

Sustainability on Parade, September 24
Have you ever wondered what the heck they do with the stuff in that big white tank near the hold shelves at Sequoya Library? Are you interested in getting chickens, but would first like to talk to someone who has them? Have you ever wondered how solar hot water works in the winter? Did you know that you can have a rain garden in a shady location? Would you love to march behind a real marching band?

You can get answers to these and many more questions—AND march with the band—during Sustainability on Parade on Saturday, September 24. We will start by learning about the green features of Sequoya Library, and then parade behind the FORWARD! Marching Band to the 600 blocks of Piper and Orchard Drive, where 5 neighbors will show off the sustainable features of their homes and yards.

Some of the things you might see on the neighborhood tour include solar hot water, a metal roof, a permaculture garden, water harvesting and rain gardens, a front yard veggie garden, plantings of native vegetation, bison painted on a garage door, chickens, and bamboo flooring. Ask about the utility bills at Mike and Ann’s uber-insulated home.

Sustainability on Parade

Saturday, September 24
10:00 am tour the green features of Sequoya Library
(please don’t park in the library lot, we will be walking)
10:30 am parade behind the FORWARD! Marching Band from the library to 626 Orchard Drive (and get a map of the homes/yards on display)
11:00 am to 1:00 pm tour the 5 yards or homes at your leisure
Come meet your neighbors and have a good time!

This event is part of the global actions of Moving Planet on September 24. It is also sponsored by Transition Madison Area.

For questions or more information, contact Judy Skog at 273-4813 or by email at