Take a look at some of the resources below–many have helped us get a better handle on the ideas of peak oil, climate change, community resilience, and sustainability.

Please feel free to include other recommendations in your comments below!

The Transition Handbook, by Rob Hopkins

(also recommended is the free abridged Transition Primer)

The Transition Companion by Rob Hopkins

Films (also make sure to check out our films posted through Vodpod posted to the right)
Natural World: Farm for the Future

Post Carbon Institute report
Soil carbon and organic farming
Psychology of Climate Change Communication
Slow Money Overview
Five Emerging US Public Finance Models
Orion Magazine “The Transition Initiative”
Heinberg on Life Beyond Growth
Wendell Berry– What Else?


Transition Wisconsin
Transition US
Transition Network
Permaculture TV
Transition Culture
The Automatic Earth Blog


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